brainwaveboxBrainWaveBox is an innovative installation designed to offer its users relaxation and contemplation. The BWB effectively visualizes the user’s mental state, then controls it with the aim of helping him or her obtain a state of peace.

It’s based on a technology that is by no means intrusive, as it comes in the form of a simple video game in which the joystick is substituted by brain waves. In the standard set currently available there are five levels of cerebral activity which correspond to five visual and auditory “universes”.

Level 1 corresponds to the state of an alert mind, when the cortex produces the so-called Beta waves (from 14 to 30 Hz). The user can move from one universe to another, with the aim of reaching Level 5, which corresponds to the state of maximum relaxation, in which the brain emits Alpha waves (8-13.9 Hz), or even Theta waves (4-7.9 Hz) which are typical of REM.


BrainWaveBox© has been conceived by Roberto Dal Bosco and produced by Torrevado.